Sunday, December 30, 2007


Okay, why is no one posting? How am I supposed to remain amused? If you don't post, I'll just go read the news and that's not gonna do anyone any favors.

Ever since Sept. 11, '01 when Steven called me on the way to work to announce the disaster unfolding in Manhattan, I compulsively check several times a day. I figure if it is a disaster it's going to appear there first. And the morning of December 27, 2007 did not fail to deliver.

The assassination of Benazir Bhutto figured to be a bigger blow than I was prepared for. A couple months ago a niece of hers went public with the news that Ms. Bhutto was, in her opinion, not a proper aunt and spouted something stupid about never having made her toast. To which my response would be: "She's bloody busy well running bloody Pakistan! (mutter, mutter, growl, grumble)...#%$&!...toast...#%*&#@...!"

Oh, great delight! Inventor of World Peace Cookies Dorrie Greenspan has a blog! If you bake, you need her book.

After having my own family sabotage a planned trip to the Kabuki Baths earlier this week, today I went by myself for a good three hours of sweating, soaking, scrubbing and not talking to anyone. Results are akin to a three day solo vacation: The mind is clear, the hair is glossy again and rustles like leaves on a tree. The skin I am in is worthy of a wrestling match with Jolie, Baryshnikov or Hayek. I am damn near buttery. This should not be allowed.

How much do I love Office Supply Fetishists, I tell you.

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Mnmom said...

The Kabuki bath sounds like just the ticket.

Benizir Bhutto - I was devastated when I read the news. My in-laws were here, and to say they aren't interested in political world affairs is putting it mildly. So I'm glued to CNN and they want to make lunch. I'm grieving and they haven't a clue who Musharaff is or why this event is so meaningful.