Friday, December 07, 2007

Friday Drivel

Listening: Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Live at the Hot Club de France
Swilling: A Casa del Grant Latte (that I hope was intended for me, eggnog cut with soymilk)
Facing: A mountain of paperwork; I'm never gonna be able to get this done.
Pondering: the origin of the word "coercion".

I can't remember the last time a cold stuck around for a week. The Old Man Hack is really quite a sound and the headache behind the left eyeball isn't scintillating as well. Beloved Scott left a voicemail with his favorite remedy. It involves a great deal of cayenne and allows one to see little pink floating lights and turns one's sinuses into the Tiber river. Disgusting! And effective!

It's back to Special Olympics track practice tomorrow with Mum. I haven't seen those guys for a month so I am looking forward to seeing everyone; no doubt there will be some heavy leaning, talkingtalkingtalking as well as full disclosures of ages and birth dates.

In the corner of my closet I am acquiring second hand copies of my favorite book read this year. It's not intended as a gifty sort of thing, rather an attempt to spread the good reads around. I've bought copies of this book for forty-five cents. Amazing.

Ben?: 58 degrees. It rained last night but it's sparkly clean today!


Ben-Bob said...

So what was the favorite book read this year?

madame_leiderhosen said...

Oh, You'll be getting your own copy, Buddy.