Monday, December 03, 2007

Coming in off the Cold Medication

This little someone has kept me company four long days of tissues and ceiling observation, but hasn't made any soup at all.
The fantastic Brenda Dayne had this Dar William's song the end of her most recent episode of Cast On. If you dabble in Christmas, give it a go.

The first foray into making raspberry pate de fruits was a disaster. We shall not go into the hows and whys here because it's in the garbage can, resembling industrial rubber. (When I am feeling entirely better, it will be fleur de sel caramel time. Then y'all will really be in trouble. Maybe we should do a giveaway.)

I love the smell of thyme. With mushrooms, with chicken: it doesn't really matter. It smells of high grass in the summertime before a thunderstorm. There is a jar here on the desk, just for smelling. When I can smell.

Have you said this today?: "Fucking Awesome decoupage!"

Today's Proof the Internet Works: The dishy Aussie and physics teacher David Reidy of Sticks and String podcast mused one 'cast how he wanted to knit a particularly challenging and lovely Starmore sweater. I recalled my own old lust for this exact sweater and that I had purchased the yarn, but never gone around to facing up to the challenge. After digging through a room full of stash (sadly not an exaggeration) and contacting him, I insisted on sending him the whole damn lot of it that had been languishing for almost a decade and, by god, now six months later he is almost done with this monstrous 180,000 stitch project (yah, he calculated). And it's gorgeous. And documented. Today he announces that now he just has 388 ends to sew in. C'mon, David! Bring the darning needles and I'll buy the beer and we'd be done in a couple of weekends!
David generously sent me some lovely Australian hand dyed laceweight the color of the most exotic birds and a set binary markers he made himself. I am just so pleased. Way to go, David! We afraid to steek salute you.
And then there is Ze and this bit on inspiration or the lack of it and what to do when that happens. Ze: if you'd like a whole sack full o' kids, call me.

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