Monday, November 12, 2007

Rain and Sun

It rained all last night and there may be no better smell or sound than rain at night. Today the world looked liked fresh white cotton sheets, cloudless and perfect.

There was cafe in Seattle where Steven could get Hawaiian chicken fried rice with bacon for breakfast and that raised the bar for breakfast considerably ever since. This morning we had Trader Joe's fried rice with fresh eggs and basil and more black pepper than is usually used on most things.

Today I spun and spun and spun. Most of the fiber was a turquoise Columbia which seems to go with almost anything, although it's got a kinky kind of groove to it that made it really quite easy. All the grey bamboo and alpaca has been dealt with and good riddance; it ends up in the most unlikely places. Slippery stuff.

Tomorrow is Veteran's day so the University is closed and I have a day off. Joy!

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