Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Yeah, I've been quiet.

Okay, I suck. Are you happy now?

Life gets in the way of lots of things, documenting this life that is dribbling through my fingers being the first item to be jettisoned. Cause I'm not getting rid of Straus Coffee ice cream, I can tell you that. Lexipro 20 mg tags are on their way. Joy....I feel calmer just thinking about it.

Admiring: Ben's writing.
Nocturnally Murdering: domestic wool moths. Where the great *&#^ are these fuckers coming from?
Anticipating: a weekend with Mum, travel to Mix in S. CA, knitting group, a niece in February!
Spinning: 8 oz of black alpaca. Sure, it's sensually soft but unspun (?!) it takes up a whole lot of space. And it drifts everywhere. I am a tablespoon of corn syrup away from being a very convincing wolfman.
Knitting: booties! I am almost finished with the BIG glamourous Christmas gift. (Just one a year, thank you.)

And that's today. I leave you with a photo of Lucille, domestic house hippo of Casa del Grant:

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Ben-Bob said...

Yay, you're back!!! Yes, I'm happy now. Be good! (Or well, at least.)