Monday, October 08, 2007

Send Doorknobs.

Okay, the Stash is way out of control. I've been reviewing the current spinning production, rotating the skeins through the vegetable steamer and draping them over all the doorknobs which we might be running out of. Have I mentioned that I've yet to knit any of this?

Currently on Esme the Ashford Wheel: merino supahwah! fuchsia, orange, merlot deep reds, rusts, repeat. Wicked stuff the color of some really potent girly cocktail; guzzled by some slightly older tall brunette with great eyebrows who will tell you the best joke you've ever heard, finish her drink, and will take you home and wreck your life. It's making a very wild fun yarn. Definitely part of the orange kick I've been on lately. Update: (I thought you'd like a picture.)

Next to arrive, Pigeonroof Harvest and some kind of pink. Then more Fat Cat (see description above) Buffy merino and her mad cool Carrot Top in orange tencel.

I just handed over a pair of Saarjte's booties to the Momma of my Niece to be. Pictures to follow!

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