Sunday, October 14, 2007

One more weekend spent.

How utterly wicked is this?! The next unfinished wheel I get my mitts on is gonna have a flame job at the very least.

Currently on the wheel; 4 ounces of carbonized bamboo fiber. Variations on a grey scale with loads of metallic shine, mad ass crazy staple length. The ply doesn't feel as soft as commercial bamboo yet, but I am in the process of doing horrible things to it.

I finished plying off a peacock wool with a dark purple merino/silk. (I have discovered that dark purple goes with just about everything.) The skein sat in the bathroom sink for twenty minutes looking like a morose sea slug and is now hanging off a recently freed up doorknob, dripping quietly.

This weekend I forced the Steven to watch Hot Fuzz. Great fun. Even better than Shawn of the Dead.

Yesterday we went to Grand Lake Cinema for the Golden Age, which I have been waiting forever for. Honestly, Cate Blanchette is just as breathtaking as Elizabeth several years ago and Clive Owen is chew-my-ankles-and-call-me-George delicious as well, I really loved the composition and lighting.

This weekend: made applesauce, mashed potatoes and few decisions. The toenails are a murderous red and everything is ready for the work week. Cheers and I hope you are as swellagant as always. Kisses and Oban. - Madame. L.

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