Friday, October 19, 2007

Messy Desk Friday

My desk: 10:54 PM 10/18. this should provide some insight to my mental state and it always looks something like this on a Amber Danger Label day. Some of the less obvious things on display:
  • An Oakland parking ticket with green envelope (expired parking permit, since remedied)
  • Shopping list with three attempts at spelling anchovies. In pencil. Minor teethmarks.
  • 1 skien of merino (renamed Melinda June) and 1 disappointingly small hank of unspun silk
  • Jury Summons (my fourth since moving here), temporarily ignored.
  • Emergency earrings for when I need to masquerade as a grownup. 1 dangly earring currently in use as cat toy.
  • October BookSense
  • One free range House hippo, yellow.

4 oz. Carbonized Bamboo, very shiny, not terribly elastic, doing an amazing impersonation of silk. Pity the stuff is just as expensive. Das 'Po has said he might accept a scarf out of said stuff. (He hates wool.)

I love the Sartorialist, despite my inability to dress myself in anything but Frye boots and Old Navy tee shirts. This post delights me.

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