Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The High Holy Day of San Francisco

George Booth of New Yorker cartoon fame is, aside from The Steven, the artist most able to make me snort coffee out my nose. This umbrella would cause no end of trouble.

Today on the walk to work, outside the old apartment building by Addison Annex there were five huge dusty boxes of the sidewalk crammed with old National Enquirers from the early '80s, Reader's Digests and old physics and mathematics books in both Chinese and English. I picked up three unlikely titles with the most marginalia (blue ballpoint, English, very tidy). Inside the cover of Introduction to Mathematical Analysis is a hand written receipt dated March 10, 1961 for a calf purse: $7.96.

Reading: Suetonius' Twelve Caesars. Dang this is dirty book! The Scruples of the second century.
Pondering: These ghosty meringues
Craving: the situation that would require the phrase: "Le sta bene."

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