Monday, July 02, 2007

Spin, spin, spin

I now have a very swell Ashford Traveller assembled and oiled. The gorgeous grain is asserting itself, but I can live with it right now.

Those New Zealanders have some sense of humor, providing purely visual and sometimes utterly inscrutible instructions. A couple scotches and a bit of cursing and it was together. A week later oiled and now she's zooming like hell.

My mother is now officially retired! Yesterday she was feted and fed and had all her favorite people around her, She has had her first pedicure and bought (okay: exchanged) the first extravagance I can recall..

Aside from that, I won't go into it any further except to say everything's fine (Although I have not ruled out a cream pie summit.) Therein lies this no-so-blind item: Buddy? You can make it up to me. One word: pencils. Thank you and goodnight.

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Ben-Bob said...

Oooh, a picture! That's a beautiful piece of equipment....