Saturday, June 30, 2007

8 AM Saturday Morning - Homicidal

Dear Mother of Pete. The (formerly) Cool Neighbors to the south have broken out the jackhammers at 8 AM. My house? The Wall of Sound and not very nice sound at that.

Working on my Ravelry page today.

Today I was supposed to do some hanging out with Mum but plans have changed and she stayin' in the 'Gatos Burbs.
Meanwhile, back in the Urban Jungle I have been requested (yet again) to bring the Cheese Sticks of Doom to Mum's retirement party tomorrow. That and Dorrie Greenspan's World Peace Cookies so I will do that this morning. I am so glad my family has a use for me but if it require butter, cheddar and cocoa so much the better.

I have found my shooting range silencers. They go very well with the bathrobe and the scowl.

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