Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Greenspan's Gift to the Universe

This is for you: World Peace Cookies. Cut them to the scale specified so the center remains unctuous. Will enslave all who taste them. Bitter, chocolatey, sweet, salty. And short of having your house painted by my legions of Clooney Clones, what could be better than that?

Graffitti of the Day: bright blue paint on the sidewalk of Berkeley heading towards UCB, on the way to work: "Evoke". Quite beautiful actually.

Was going to have my first meal at Chez Panisse tonight with the Sister in Law, but she was feeling fragile and could not come. As I did not want to have the expected (and promised, by everyone who knew I was going) Best Meal of My Life alone, I canceled the reservation. Currently the wait list for reservations is 2 weeks long. Instead I had tea, yogurt and a mouthful of manky old cat hair. Feh.

Somehow I've been writing all evening long. It's been fun, being reminded how satisfying it can be, but the spelling is getting more erratic, pop references more vague/unfunny and I am just about to open up a can of California colluquiallisms on y'all so maybe I am dehydrated and tired.

So we shall continue this fun later. Be well and sleep tight.

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