Saturday, November 11, 2006

I have weird hobbies.

Okay, the spinning wheel is up and running but the three (yes, three) handspindles are in high use. And I have to say the Grafton spindle is a thing of utter beauty.
Today I figured out plying. The results:

(the first and second attempt)

(the third attempt)

So all in all not bad. Although the photos are quite crap.

And I roasted a chicken for dinner and there are few things to make one feel more absolutely efficient than roasting a chicken. Yah. So there.


Linda "K" said...

You're spinning, you're spinning (maniacal laughter receding into the distance....). I KNEW it could happen and can I squeek in a tiny 'tol ja?

Linda "K"

Heather said...

So, with the plying...NICE WORK!
How heavy is your spindle. Lemme know and I'll tell you my trick.
Where'd you get your fibre? I love the colorways. Did you dye it too? MAN I have to get a work sink somewhere...hmmmm....
All the best there is to give,

KnitMOReANd said...

Looks pretty. What will you knit with it?