Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Alaska Airlines: Begging for it.

Alaska Airlines just sent me an e-mail asking for my great travel stories involving their Airlines. Instantly recalling the recent horror of air travel, I dropped what I was doing and have submitted the following.

"In the last decade I have witnessed the decline of quality of service and customer support of Alaska Airlines, many times causing extreme personal distress and hefty unexpected expense during travel. I have found many employees of AA who ought to be providing service unwilling to assist, despite their capacity to do so. Flights are late more often than not and are miserably uncomfortable for all involved.

This email asking for the gushing positive stories comes as quite a surprise, as my acquaintances and I seem to agree that flight travel has joined the same circle of hell as root canals and tax audits. Why doesn’t AK Air show even some slight effort to improve before begging to be patted on the head publicly?"

I fully expect to be upgraded to an overhead bin on my next flight.

Want to sing their praises? Here's the link http://youralaskastories.com/AsStories/welcome.do

Thankfully the next trip is to San Diego to hang out with Mix, using Southwest. Whee.

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