Thursday, July 27, 2006

I adore Fog.

When is the last time you laughed mid-pelvic exam? (Remember the Joan River’s bit in What Becomes a Semi Legend? “Relax! Relax! I can’t get my hand out! Relax!” No? Well, it was the 1980s.)

Yesterday afternoon I got to go visit my new doctor, Susan Lu. I was astonished to find a very young and adorable bespectacled Asian woman in rather playful mood (Steven did not give the impression that this was the case with this creature, but I suppose that examining a Steven is very different situation.) Beforehand, I wrote up a very detailed personal three page family health history and not only did she read it, but laughed in all the right places.

In the conversation, tetanus came up and I said it might be a good idea as I am always encountering other people’s rusted scary crap and cutting myself.

In her best Valley Girl questioning, “Well why would you do that? Significant pauuuuuse….”

…and I explained my fondness for tools and the inevitability of being asked to clean out someone’s tool shed or garage. Another significant deadpan pause “Well, wear gloves and a mask, hokaaaay?!” (I am such a sucker for a dead pan.)

Most annoying song on the podsafe network David Ipolito “This Hill is Filled with Children”. Bleck! What is it with male vocalists singing in falsetto for children? What an awful sound.
Plumbing disaster late last night. Barbara finds it necessary to lecture me whenever I have any sort of request. She is now currently in Casa del Leiderhosen, unsupervised and plunger in hand, and just the thought of it is creeping me out. Oh, there will be a follow up lecture, I am certain.

Need a color fix? The color stripe generator! And whe you have your stripes established, the refresh button will show an entirely new variation! Brilliant! Just picture them as stockings.

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