Monday, July 10, 2006

Hello, again. You are just as lovely as ever.

Have you ever just lost everything you spent the last 40 minute writing? ... Ever lose three months of your life, your wardrobe, your mind? Ah well, then. Love you, Darlings. Missed you.

Okay, if there is anyone left out there to read this little message in a Berkeley Bottle, thank you very much for tuning in. I send you thousands of pitbull puppy kisses.

At any rate what I lost in the last 40 minutes (never to be seen again):
- various whining (never made it to dad's party due to idiot brother), etc.
-joy (confronting extended family Auntie-dom, The best Thai food ever, Spending time with Ms. Sarah, meeting Heather's boyfriend)
-bragging (damn, I have a lot of knitting projects. And an extraordinary, lovely husband.)

Recently spotted/snarfed down/sat on/wooofled at:
-A shiny giant silver fish van, two stories, with lights, carved sheet metal scales and gills and enormous fierce fangs. It was so intensely beautiful.
-Yogurt gelato from Gelato Milano on Shattuck. Oooooh. Not overly sweet, not a flavor easily defined.
-A large, sweet, stocky, fawn-spotted, ungelded pitbull who wriggled up to me at Cole's Coffee this morning, slobbered on my knees and cooed loudly when I rubbed his throat. How could one not be charmed?
-The Grand Lake Cinema: the very definition of a movie palace. Saw Pirates II there. People even dressed up for it.
-The World Cup! My Team won! May I please have that Italian Goal Keeper now?! Not be confused with this Buffon. Oh, it makes a girl positively dizzy.
-Reading "The Almond", by Nedjma. Oh,HothOtHot...Next, wanna read "Heat" by Bill Buford (a segway from sex to food to...
-Listening to Brenda Dayne, CraftLit, Good Food and Quirky Nomads (g'wan. say it. "quirky"). And the lovely Miette.
- Buying yarn and the occasional shiny thing. Not much else.

I am glad to be back. Over all, things are pretty good. How are you, my sweet?

Happy E.B. White's Birthday!

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