Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Tuesday. I love Tuesday.

I am just realizing that I've been slacking on my posting and ought to apologize. Or post more often.

UC Berkeley EHS department made me a verbal offer today after the interview, which was mercifully short. I have a job, a gig, a place to go as of April 17. Oh, I am so very relieved but will actually exhale when I sign the offer letter. Hurrah! Thanks to all who helped, thought those sweet thoughts for me and sympathized. I love you. And you. and You.

It has been raining for four days straight here and if they had not paved every inch of California, we'd be getting a little re-education on that swampy, sticky mud we left in the Northwest. My hands and feet are constantly icy.

For all those in need of alternate DVD entertainment: The Bellydance Superstars at the Follies Bergere. Yes this is the ensemble I could not praise enough about two years ago when they play the Seattle Odd Fellows Hall, shaking their gorgeous selves in the same Parisian theater that the divine Josephine Baker shook her bananas in. The amazing Rachel Brice dances several times and the dazzling Ansuya is in top form. These are some top notch American dancers and should not be missed. Not "gentlemen's entertainment". Female. Primal. Expressive.


Q said...
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Q said...
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Q said...

Yay Yay Yay

I am so happy for you darling. Miss you terribly... awfully terribly - think of you very very often. So happy to hear about the offer. Love you and miss you very much!

Yay Yay Yay! for you!

mtte said...

Thought I'd pop over and have a quick look-- only to see kudos are in order! A thousand and one congratulations on the new job. (ps: you're a terrific writer... "thought itself set loose..." is legendary) Best, Mtte.