Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Small Gods and the Antidote to Ennui

The Beloved (otherwise known as Steven or The Steven) has beaten me to the punch and already blogged about Lois the Pie Queen and the subtleties of breakfast fried chicken so I'm out yet another topic to spread joy and laughter about. Feh.

On two happy, happy film notes:
The Cruise (1998) is finally out on DVD. One of my top five favorite movies, a looney documentary love letter to NYC, pre 9/11, delivered to you in luminous black and white of Gray Line tour bus guide and sage Timothy "Speed" Levitch. By the director of Capote, which after seeing this piece of beauty, makes perfect sense.

Mostly Martha (2005) a German tradegocomedic film. Great despair, joy, food and (surprise!) a happy ending. One of the best dates with myself I've had lately. Hurry and watch the original, as Hollywood is currently remaking it with Catherine Zeta Jones and they are going wreck it. Actually I like CZJ, but something subtle and special will be lost in translation, so please see the original, especially if you like to cook or eat. The scenes with her therapist alone are painfully funny. (There is one crammed in at the end just before the crew's final credits. Don't miss it.)

My brother Scott arrived when I was ten years old. I have just been pondering how much fun he was to have around: what his soft baby scalp smelled like, his favorite toys and musements, the soporific sound of his green automatic swing. I love having a reference to all the babies encountered after him. Whatever age the gurgling (not squaling) baby in the arms of it's parents, there is always the reference to say, "Oh, Lucky! That is the very best age. They start to get really interesting." And then you run away, unburdened by personal progeny.

*Misc. cooing to the audience: Lisa, my love: to leave a comment, click the green comments hyperlink below. The comments box with pop open in a new window so you may have to hit "popups blocked" in your Google toolbar to get the pop-up accepted. Miss you & Carolyn terribly and wish to God we were having coffee this morning, even if we had to take the damn stairs on the return trip. Give my best to all; the lovely Joan especially.

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