Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Once again, yours truly was called in yesterday for a bit of temp work at the Oakland Unified School District. No matter what superpowers were granted me at birth, I think OUSD might be beyond help.

In reviewing registration forms for the upcoming school year I discovered that a few parents 1.) cannot spell very basic words, 2.) think that repetition and petulance will achieve their desired goals 3.) have the gaul to name their daughter "Phatima" 4.) think two year olds are plenty old enough for kindergarden. Oh dear god.

Today I have a cold. ka-chew. Repeat, ad infinum.

The other night I had a marvelous dream about FHCRC, the Yale building had been replaced by a very tasteful ivory castle; my office stuck out from the building like a tongue and had an enormus fluffy bed in it. Divine friends Carolyn and Lisa were there, running elegantly up and down the stairs, mid-earthquake completely unflustered.

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