Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Another 3:35 AM Shoe Jones

It's early and I don't much feel like getting into the complete diagram-able sentences thang. So, my love, go get your beautiful sweet self another cup of something warm and tasty and consider the subject of my sentences implied. Go on. I'll wait.

You know I love EBay. Looooove EBay. Love it. Fearless avid user, hap-hap-happy customer of the World's Most Unlikely Business Model. I have not bid on an EBay auction since my dough started running out in earnest in early November. Maybe even sooner. Please tell the adorable red flats, the ticky-tacky disco-happy gold platforms and those darling Frye boots I can't see them right now. Busy, broke, got interviews.... you know the drill. Thanks, Doll. I'll be in here, being very quiet. Love you. So fab.

Today, I have an interview with American Cancer Society; Friday I have a second with UCSF. Totally prepped for this. Kim even sent on three adjectives, lest I lose my head again.

The Steven (bless him) dragged me kicking and screaming to the Nine West Outlet last week to get me proper work shoes and my god if they did not appear, when I had given up on the whole size 9 issue: Sweet little boots and some smooth black loafers that are quite cozy. I will be paying him back with the first permanent job's paycheck. Woooo-hoo. Then we will think about those red flats. *Curse you, eBay.* Steven has been awfully sweet to me.

I had a very good yoga class yesterday morning; the teacher pulled out some kind of miniature organ and chanted in Sanskrit for us. She had a heavenly, liquid voice. Got into forearm stand without hurting anyone else. Love that.

Already this apartment is heating up. If it's this hot in here now, what will it be like in summer? I think I'd better have a look at the air-conditioner before we take these seasons any further.

Last night was potsticker night (couldn't sleep, make 58 of the stupid little pleated fuckers) and they turned out quite well: Gourmet's shrimp and pork potstickers. I am not yet so stupid as to make the potsticker skins from scratch (grocery store, almost any one) or dip them in anything more elaborate than soy sauce and a wee splash of chili oil.

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