Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Today's output, sans photos

Today's output:
- braised lamb shanks in balsamic (save, braises always taste better the second day)
- pasta bolanese base (save, in little plastic baggies in the freezer like other controlled substances)
- meatloaf (Mostly eaten. Martha's recipe. I resisted the temptation to mold it into the shape of someone's face. And Dad said all those art classes were a baloney... )
- fruitcake, three loaves (save. Dang, that stuff's expensive to make! Think twice before chucking it out. My cousin Nancy gave me the most astonishing fruitcake for Christmas, so these puppies are headed for a long, boozy vacation in the back of the fridge.)
- juicy orange cake (save. Mark Bittman's recipe. The damn thing over flowed the pan and threatened to take over the joint. It sits in its glaze, staring at me from the stove. I figure it will be heaven with a cup of black coffee tomorrow.)

The massive grease burn up my left arm has started to heal at last, but it still itches a good bit. Bright red, rough and very bumpy. Thank god I'm sparing you the photos.

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