Sunday, January 08, 2006


I have spent my Sunday morning at the communal baths and if there is any smutcsh or nastiness left in my pores, I am not responsible for it. I have now perfected the graceful entrance and exit to the cold plunge (50 degrees F, otherwise known as "really oh so fucking cold") which involves folding oneself into the icy water rather than timidly dipping and retreating. And also not going back into the hot pool afterward cause the pins-and-needles sensation all over is much, much worse. The look of pity/amusement on the other bather’s faces can be a bit much, but at least no one is tactless enough to point and laugh outright.

The first time I tried this treacherous pool a couple years ago with my friend Mix, I thought I was having a stroke as something in my brain popped and slowed everything w...a...y ...w....a......y d...o...w...n. I think I frightened/horrified her and not just because we were two naked, damp, straight girls either. I am much better at the whole process now. And my currently satiny knees are here to prove it. When is the last time anyone described knees as "satiny"? C'mon, come visit. Come get really scrubby clean.

San Francisco has the most amazing light. I can never get over how incredibly bouncy it is. Today was especially breathtaking. I love it. I love it.

Afterward, Steven met me for a very nice Japanese noodle lunch and then we hung about Berkeley and went on the Scharfenberger chocolate factory tour, led by the bittersweet and lovely Melissa. The smell alone (of the chocolate, not Melissa herself) was erotic enough to make all the couples in the tour group edge closer to each other and furtively pet each other's backs. We had enough hard-core chocolate samples to give both Steven and I massive chocolate headachey highs.

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