Monday, January 09, 2006

Photos? You want photos?

I have just been chided by my friend Linda K. (who is currently in India and just started her own blog: check out the elephants and all the ladies in saris) asking what the fresh heck is up with the current "no photos" status. The fact is that I am a lousy photographer (when I remember the camera), but I reckon if I am going to blog and want you to read it, some illustrations are in order and I shall improve in the future.
So. From this last month here are a few, with explanations :

My most recent gift a long awaited creme brulee torch. The kicker was that my odd older brother has one and if a simian like him can have one, Steven figures I'll be okay with my own. This little gizmo has inspired the very tired line, said with a peculiar accent "We meet again, Mister Bond...." The joke could be getting a bit stale. Butane is rather difficult to find. Bad cinema humor, on the other hand, is not.

The yogurt cake from Chocolate and Zucchini. Isn't it pretty? It was all right and was very good toasted, although the texture was a little tough. In the future I will do a few things to improve it. (Add fruit, sift twice and re-measure instead of being horribly lazy, maybe use cake flour)

Steven's best friend at Your Basic Bird. He says many nifty things like "Pretty Bird wanna come out and play", "Hello", and "Whatcha doing?". Oh, and the bird talks too.

Steven had a suprising affinity to the happy, be-feathered, captives there although he does tell the lop eared baby rabbits that their ears are undoubtedly the most stylish. They believe him.

So, sweet adorable Linda K. and the rest of you darlings, that's about it. More photos to be integrated as they become available. How the hell are you?

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