Friday, January 13, 2006

Friday, Already?

Yesterday I had a yoga class at our so I've enough ache today to make me feel like I actually did something productive. I even learned a new pose: twisted pidgeon. With any luck, I will get back to the studio tomorrow.

Today I had a three and a half hour interview with a pack of semi-rabid but adorable recruiters, who seemed very willing to pimp me out. I was so exausted by the end of it I fell into bed and dreamed of the Virgin Mary who was grocery shopping and having trouble deciding which honey to buy and ended up with the gallon tin of Sue Bee.

Oh, how perfectly adorable are these?:
Okay, maybe not at my ripe age of 95, but they'd certainly camoflauge the Catholic pool-cue legs. might be the last place to find proper cuban heel stockings.

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