Monday, December 05, 2005

Today, I am not the receptionist

Joy! Oh Joy! Joy! The new Winter Knitty is out! And guess what I’ll make first!

Street Wars: a city-wide 24/7 watergun assassination game, now all around San Francisco. Wow! How much fun can a person have?

Steven's latest fetish: Straus Maple Whole Milk Yogurt. It is nothing short of divine: creamy, sweet, tangy. I bought three quarts two days ago and it looks like I'll be headed back to the store again today. I am contemplating putting the stuff through the ice cream maker, just for kicks and giggles. *update on Steven: He admits I will never get the heel of the loaf. Ever. oh, and he's not sorry about it either.*

Today I got my first recruiter call; unfortunately, they wanted me to fill a receptionist position in an architecture firm. I just couldn't quite stomach the idea of dressing up to work for another imperialist ass-grabber or some evil dried up old bat with Diva sensibilities. Not after working with the Glorious Kim and all those lovely people at FHCRC.

My list of some random crap on my desk
-Floss, whitening Reach Variety
-Spackling compound & spackle knife
-Three used hair ties
-One capless pink sharpie
-Cook’s Country, January 2006 issue (Okay, Cook’s Illustrated? Guys, What’s up with this crap? “Casseroles for Dummies”?! “Creamy Party Dips”?! Are we considered too dumb to manage the Cook’s Illustrated Stroganoff? What IS going on?! And if you are huffing C02 cartridges, stop it right now.)
-My beloved mini stapler

Tuesday, December 6 is Ira Gershwin's birthday: please join us in celebrating by singing "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off", realizing full well that no one anywhere ever says "Po Tat-toe".


Scott said...

Okay okay... Marley is just waaaaay too awesome for words. I mean really! Who'd a thunk? But chain mail out of yarn? With links that big? I just don't see it happenning. At least not well. I might even give it a shot myself if I could find any !@%(*^! 2x pointeds out here.

That and time. Haven't seen any of that around here in a while!

madame_leiderhosen said...

For those unaware: Scott is my youngest, most beloved brother currently working for Forest Action in Nepal.

not.a.moose said...

On further fun notes (though this might be more appropriate for the land of email, as NOONE reads comments on blogs): through, I travelled through "The Only Boy" (all too familiar, but I'm not complaining!) to whatshisface's blog, therein finding a link to:

I love it.

Love it, love it, love it.