Monday, December 12, 2005

I Love

...that everytime I go into the local yarn store, Article Pract, there is always someone discussing the work they are getting done on their tattoo that afternoon. They are almost always a bit older than myself. Local feminist tat parlor of choice: Diving Swallow. Am contemplating some work myself. Job first, though.
...Shred's fat little face when she isn't complaining or begging for food.
...having the ladies at Cole's Coffee say "two double doubles, right?". Or just having coffee with Steven in the morning.
...Blue Sky Alpaca's Alpaca and Silk yarn, sport-weight, olive. I'm making someone a brioche stitch scarf with it. Almost nicer than cashmere.

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not_a_moose said...

The women discussing tattoos over yarn soooo reminds me of my favorite find in NYC: Knit New York (, a cute little yarn shop/cafe on the northern edge of the East Village. One of the girls who worked there was tremendously punk rock with arms almost as black as her t-shirts. I can't say how much she helped me to get my brain around cabling for the DNA scarf (which I dearly want to remake with not-so-itchy yarn and paying less attention to the border pattern - fugly!)

Ever since then, I've had a bit of a dream of running some place similar: lots of REALLY nice yarn, comfy chairs, superbly pulled cappucinos, and extra super tastilicious eats... And attitude. Can't forget the damned attitude!