Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Today - and Four entirely sound reasons to go to Rome

Lest I forget Rome:

San Crispino Gelato:Via della Panetteria 42 East of the Trevi Fountain (no flashy gelato sign, just a little bronze plaque) Try the house specialty: honey. Or the bitter orange. And the pistachio. But you can't miss the zabione or hazelnut or...

Liliana Michilli Via dei Banchi: Vecchi 37A jewelry store of copies in the art preservers' neighborhood. Buy your friends $26 copies of 1906 Cartier cocktail rings or contemporary flashy things.

Galleria Borghese (Napoleon's sister's house and where Napoleon went shopping for his little Louvre project)Vatican, schmatican - go see the three life-altering Berninis. The rest of the collection is quite smashing as well. Due to limited entrance, you must have reservations, which you can make online (http://www.galleriaborghese.it/borghese/en/edefault.htm)Check out the one person elevator. Have a caffe corretto (shot of espresso with a shot of brandy) in the downstairs coffee bar. And in a museum. How civilized.

Chiesa Di S. Maria Della Vittoria
The ecstasy of S. Teresa, Bernini. And after you've had a good moment in the dark alone with the Teresa & her angel, drop the euro for the lights to go on and back away before the tourists with cameras trample you to death. (Teresa is unmistakably writhing in the throes of an orgasm. Bernini must have been something else, I tell you.)

Back to Today, in Oakland:
Not a particularly stellar day. Further mad landlady disputes/rudeness, plus it's kind of murky and wet-ish (Seattle in June-esque), but I was coming back from Berkeley on the freeway and light was bouncing off the bay and shadowing the Golden Gate and the City. Really quite lovely. Why have I never noticed how pretty the hills to the North are?

Oh, then again I had the nicest burnt carmel ice cream at Sketch, served to me by Ruthie the charming freckled owner. (Asian girls ought not to be allowed tiny lovely freckled noses. They are way too cute to begin with.) Actually asked her for a job. She seemed surprised. She hasn't had a day off in 14 months. Perfectly charming lady.

Am missing my friend Quynh particularly today; she hasn't had a day off in ages either. Sweetie? Darling? My Love? Take a Break.

I heard a particularly good new mix of Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On" on the radio. Must be one of the best songs ever. Definitely convincing. - Cheers, Darlings.
PS: I love that the spell check had a problem with "schmatican". Ha.

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Quynh said...

I am missing my lovely friend a lot too. The holiday season is almost upon us...things are picking up and maybe next year I can take a break. Keep your fingers cross.