Thursday, November 17, 2005

Personally, I prefer the Trocks over Jessica Simpson

Bleck, Ew and Ick! How tired am I of Jessica Simpson?! Damn cow is coming out with bloody shoes now? Ugly fucking things. I mean, really.

So far, the morning has been spent writing "thanks for the completely inept interview" notes and more gossipy, pleasurable postcards. God, how I love these Garbo stamps. The rest you get this questionable blog-ism. For now.

Considering sending some tormenting mail to a select few egocentric architects I used to work for/around but I cannot seem to convince the dog to poo in the envelopes.

Libraries: For the record, KCLS and SPL systems are far better than anything here, even San Francisco.


  • Tom Waits Fresh Air Interview
  • Happy Birthday, Uncle Marty Scorsese! All 5' 4" inches of you. Fluffy eyebrows and all. Can't imagine why you'd go and divorce the delicous Isabella Rossellini, but there you have it. I quote your American Express Commercial at least once a week.
  • I am trying very hard not to run out buy a tutu and join the Trockaderos (pictured above). You can't imagine how much effort this takes and for that I envy you.

E-mail me! Or comment! I miss you!

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