Friday, November 11, 2005

Friday with the Aussies as a Gay Man

My Lovely Ones:
Dang. You ever type&type&type and write&write&write and then hit one little button and somewhere in the depths of the hardrive all your work is flushed away, never to return? Well, let us say a very long post was in the works and now it ain't no more. Really, the less for you to worry about anyways. The main purpose of this blog is selfish expressive practice; I haven't anything unique to offer, in any realm at all. So does that make this writing or just typing?

So here's the previous post in a nutshell:
  • Dinner: Alton Brown's Mighty Duck with chard & balsamic. Turned out just right, using two pans and a steamer. And one of the pans is a cast iron skillet which is best less than scrubby clean. Oh wait. Don't think too hard on that last part.
  • Spent a few hours inadvertantly tripping through downtown SF, where I was mistaken for a short, friendly, gay man by a group of slightly befuddled and really handsome Aussie tourists all clutching printouts of an incorrect map. (Was it the hat that made me look friendly? egads!) I sent them traisping over to the Buena Vista, assuring them everyone there would be quite blasted on irish coffees, despite it being only 2:00 PM. Got a quality laugh. It was lovely.
  • The USPS's 37 cent Garbo stamp is breathtaking, but on the site the description reads "Film starlet honored ". Starlet?! Have they bloody well never seen "Ninotchka"?! Oh wait, maybe I AM a gay man.
  • Guv Ahnold apologizes. Badly. And not for wasting $80 million in funds for special election. Whattadope.

And really, my blossoms, that's about it for today. Drop me a little line at and tell me about your weekend debacles.

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