Thursday, November 17, 2005

Corrections made to chicken recipe

I corrected the chicken recipe. Have fun wadding the backless chicken into the brine.

The bugs are definitely creepier in California: I had to mash something that looked like a 2.5 inch wingless wasp in the laundry sink the other day with a huge wad of paper towels and the gallon of white vinegar used to supplement the detergent, hollering all the time to avoid hearing the crunchy/squashy sounds. Gruesome, I tell you as I eye the nasty looking spider on the ceiling above the table. Hmmm. Looks like wool eating moths are native to this state as well. Joy.

I am re-reading Madame de Sevigne's (French, 1626-1696) letters, the incorrigible gossip! Sevigne did not keep a journal and no other material by her exists other than her letters to her beloved daughter and friends. Her bed-hopping husband said he had never slept with a woman as utterly charming as his own wife. She was hotly pursued by many fabulously love-sick and well-padded men after her husband's mercifully early death, but never remarried. I think Sevigne & Pepys would have got on well. (Pepys got on with a lot of women come to think of it) Or she & Nigella Lawson. Passionate, lovely creatures.

Also in the mail today was a used Eyewitness Guide to Cuba. ooo, Someday.

Ah. Wikipedia says today is the anniversary of the Jonestown Massacre in 1978. I remember asking my mum about it (must have been 11) and getting my first taste of horror as she did not evade or sugar-coat her explanation but did not get too gruesome either. "Dismay" occurred over the Watergate issue and Nixon's resignation. I had such a crush on Cronkite.

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