Sunday, November 20, 2005

Angry, Angry, Angry

..and don't even really want to discuss why. And no bloody file cabinet to kick until the stupid thing won't open no more, either. Ah, Feh.

I ache, on the other hand, to distract us:
Reading: Don't Get Too Comfortable by David Rakoff (known to This American Life Fans as Christmas Freud). Reading it aloud is a scream.
Listening to: Prince's S.S.T (his hurricane relief effort which he put together in a day, playing all the instruments) The instrumental B-side is also exceptional.
Craving: nothing. I had an It's It for dinner.
Shopping: not another thing until I get a new gig
Knitting: opera gloves, 55 rows into it. Not crazy about the yarn. It's rather bland & chalky black boring sock yarn. Next time, I say it's lace and koigu or fleece artist yarn!
Favorite Christmas Story: again, Manhattan User's Guide - Tuba Christmas.

Ever get those e-mails that just put everything right back where it ought to be? I have the best and loveliest almost-sister-in-law-ever. Now if only I were sleepy.